Black Bauhinia is a Capture-the-Flag team from Hong Kong founded in 2019 and have been actively participating in CTF games since then. You can find us on CTFtime, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Patreon (New!). As you can see, this page is still work-in-progress.

Our members

harrier (Joined Jul 2019)

cire meat pop (Joined Jul 2019)

Mystiz (Joined Jul 2019) - aka Mistakes
I guess therefore I am. Will guess hard for flags.

byronwai (Joined Jul 2019) - A bard who put all his AP to ATK

wwkenwong (Joined Jul 2019) - North Korea's botnet

ozetta (Joined Jul 2019)
Cousin (Joined Dec 2019) - Sponsored by Ken Wong
A math guy who loves cryptography, but cryptography doesn't love back.

double (Joined Dec 2019)

crabmony (Joined Mar 2020)

GeoffreyY (Joined Jul 2020)

eriri (Joined Jul 2020)

apple (Joined Jul 2020)

vikychoi (Joined Jul 2020)

M0UZ3 (Joined Sep 2020)

blackphreak (Joined Oct 2020) - An unlicensed front gate security
I have a dream that someday I can become a security researcher.
Kaiziron (Joined Oct 2020)

Stdor (Joined Dec 2020)

TC0129 (Joined Feb 2021) - Member of Kiryukai
This guy is too lazy to write. Peko.
egg (Joined Feb 2021)

cdemirer (Joined Apr 2021) ɒɿbi⑁ວ ni ƨɘƨɿɘvɘЯ -
If you have to ask, you're streets behind.
hoifanrd (Joined Apr 2021)

TWY (Joined Apr 2021)

Hollow (Joined Apr 2021) - Mystiz certified Yuu9 member
I want to hide on Discord but it seems to fail miserably in iOS version, ᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼.
468 (Joined Apr 2021)

botton (Joined May 2021)

streamline (Joined Jun 2021)
I play for free trips (if any) and HTB accounts.
Bullet_Farmer (Joined Jun 2021)
grhkm (Joined Jul 2021)
Just a high school student.
Ja5on (Joined Sep 2021)
"Without Dream, What's the Difference between Men And Salted Fish?"

Starry Miracle (Joined Sep 2021)

edison497 (Joined Jun 2022) - A mediocre person

HotDawggy (Joined Jun 2022)

LifeIsHard (Joined Dec 2022) - Mystiz's Fan Club Member (Lv. Diamond)

J4cky (Joined Dec 2022)
An ordinary student who likes CTF and vtuber.
RaccoonNinja (Joined Jan 2023)
I have no opsec
a1668k (Joined Feb 2023)
A CTF player who loves trying all categories and watching youtube & twitch
nhho (Joined Mar 2023)
stonefall (Joined May 2023)
Handsome (Joined Sep 2023)